I Am Shiba.

Dedicated to momentary thoughts and musings of A Shiba Inu.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I am a ruthless but fair ruler. Respect me and I shall allow you to continue living here. Disrespect me, and I shall spare no effort in punishing the offender.

My territory is not large. Several blocks and two nearby parks- I patrol my perimeter twice daily, usually accompanied by The Woman. I check messages left by other dogs and assert my authority in strategic locations. I count the squirrels and make sure that the cats stay indoors. I rest not until I am certain the boundaries are secure.

However, the other day, The Woman was distracted by politics and The Man was required for my daily perimeter march. He opted to show me a new territory, prime for acquisition. I began to post my claim when a local decided to introduce itself in a manner undignified and disagreeable to my customs.

The Man attempted run interterence but this was my battle. I was not to be inhibited or stopped; the unwashed masses must understand that my laws are fair but my punishments are ruthless.

You are not allowed to smell my butt. At least, not without my permisssion.

I pursued my heathenistic offender with speed and immediately disciplined it
for its inappropriate indiscretion. The Man, however, stopped me before I lost my temper. This was most likely a wise move on his part. The last dog who sniffed my butt . . . well, I shall spare you that story.

I am home now. My new territory has been added and the masses subdued. My law stands.

I Am Shiba. I dare do all that may become a Shiba; Who dares do more is none.


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