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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sorry Officer, It Was A Case of Mistaken Identity

So Belle-chan and I were out crusin' the neighborhood. We were smelling the smells and leaving our mark- there are several new dogs in the neighborhood that obvious need to be taught that this is our 'hood and that they need to respect our authority when it comes to who does what where and when.

At one point on the walk, there was this large wall that is a required mark spot so both Belle-chan and I move over, only to be surprised by a small furry thing rushing out from behind the wall.

Instinct sets in and the chase is initiating. Belle immediately does the hunting howl and I am right behind her. Upon close approach, however, there is a small problem.

It is not a squirrel.
It is not a chipmunk.
It is not a shrew.

It is a very small Yorkshire Terrier on a very long flexilead who was not close to her person at all (who happened to be chatting with some other people almost 30 feet away).

It appears that we on our short leashes scared the poor small furry creature to cry back to her person and hide in between her legs. The Woman immediately brought us in close and moved us away from the wall (wait, I hadn't had time to sniff it yet!) but the Yorkshire's owner was rather upset with our "aggressive" behavior toward her little dog and proceeded to ask The Woman if we were vicious.

I swear that we both thought that it was a rodent.

The third person laughed and said, no, these dogs have been here for years, walking this path for years, and have never once acted aggressively (not entirely true, but I will take my compliments where I can) but the Yorkshire person said that we were out of control and needed to know our manners.

I know my manners. I get to pee on that wall. The Yorkshire needs to realize that staying close to your person is important in a hood as dangerous as ours. If it is not us, there are three pit bulls that are often hungry and would consider a small dog on a flexilead to be a nice snack between meals.

The Woman just ignored the Yorkshire person. She says that Flexileads are the devil.

I Am Shiba. If Belle-chan Had Been One Second Faster, This Story Would Be Very Different.


Blogger Jen said...

this is one of the reasons I jsut don't do the dog park anymore. The 'big dog' side is too rambunctious and on the 'small dog' side, people bring their mini doxies and teacup woodles or whatever, and the shibas stalk them!

I can't afford a lawsuit, and I can't imagine living with a dog that I could step on and kill. And I'm not a very big person.

Flexi leads are the devil.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Lucy Lil' Wolf said...

here here! flexi leads ARE the devil. My Shiba got chased out of a park by a woman with a Yorkie on a flexi lead because she said he had acted aggressively and out of control (what is it with Yorkie owners?!). I don't even think he'd seen the lead and ran straight through the middle of it to catch his ball. Both dogs went flying - I'm not even sure if he'd seen the other dog to be honest!
I told her what for!

3:20 PM  

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