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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Reader Writes

Cortez, you disappoint me I expect, sour grapes/poor sportmanship from say the frech poodle, but not a regal dog like you, unless you do think that Shibas are the only dogs in the world, which would be very sad on your part.

In my past life, when I was a show dog, I got into trouble because I did not play by the rules of the show ring. I think that the term is "inappropriate conduct." I figured that the best way to win was to eliminate the competition. It appears that the AKC disagrees with my philosophy of making dog fighting the appropriate means for getting that blue ribbon, but still, I could have been a contender. It was just The Man holding me back (actually, it was my owner/handler who has amazing stories to tell of my childhood antics, but we just won't go there right now).

I do not think that Shiba Inus are the only dog in the world. I don't even think that we are the best dogs in the world. What would be the fun in that? I just don't think that Sadie is the best dog in the world. At the National Dog Show in January, a vote was given to
the people in attendance, and it was felt from the attendees that the Labrador (albeit still the most popular canine in America for the 19th year running) was better than the Scottish Terrier. After viewing the videos and having a very decidedly strong opinion about the happy-go-lucky labs that share my neighborhood, I believe that the Labrador was a shining example of what that breed should be, and should have won.

Watching the Westminster, when shown the final contenders, I thought the Whippet- about as opposite of a Shiba Inu as one can get- looked amazing. Beautiful athletic movement with that look of "I am about to run and chase a rabbit right now if only I could get off this lead!" I was proud to see the Spitz breeds take second place in the Non-working
Group (the Chinese Sharpei) and fourth in the Working Group (The Alaskan Malamute- when he started to run ahead, pulling on his lead, what better example of a sled dog is that?) which only supports my conflict with the AKC that the way that the dogs are categorized truly does need to be re-examined.

I have no sour grapes that the Shiba Inu did not win. Personally, I do not think that the one in the ring on that day showed particularly well. But I do think that there were a number of dogs who showed better than Sadie, and even in the Terrier group itself, I thought that the Norwich would win although I wished it had been the American Staffordshire Terrier b
ecause I thought he looked pretty darn good too (and I have several of those in my neighborhood of whom after seven years, we now stare at each other rather than attempt to seek out and destroy upon sight. One can learn over time). But what I do think happened is that Sadie has gotten all this attention about being so uber, and that Westminster merely said, well, we might as well give her the triple crown because she has won so much already. I just think that there were better dogs there than Sadie.

Now, on a humorous note, since my best friend is a Bichon Frise, I can make fun of him. What happens if you have a showring of these dogs and they all get loose? How can you tell them apart? We are talking white snowball chaos!

I Am Shiba. Save The Sour Grapes For The Woman's Wine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Points well made. What a cute white snow balls. -D

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree points are well made. I didn't see any sour grapes, just Sir Cortez expressing his opinion, which is what it's all about. Keep expressing your point of view Senor Cortez, I love it and check in everyday. :))

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Judy Whitton said...

Well said. I myself do not really get into the dog shows. And, when I do manage to catch them on tv, I manage to somehow miss the Shibas. :( I do have a sister that shows Bernese Mountain Dogs in conformation and agility. She has her first champion. I have asked her when we will see one of her dogs in one of the big shows and she says she really doesn't show enough to get invited to them.

That said, the one thing I do enjoy about seeing the dog show is seeing the variety of dogs. And I have to admit that when they get down to picking the winner of each group, I don't think I would make a very good judge as I think I go more by personality then looks. Some dogs just jump out at me and others not so much.

I must say, I have had a few different breeds of dogs in my day and I think I have found my true breed when I got my two Shibas. I have enjoyed them so much. I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and have read all the way through. Many times I have been laughing so hard I am in tears. I read the best ones to my daughter and she says you should write a book! You have inspired me to write a blog about my two girls. Keep on writing!

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Robi said...

I want to thank you for replying to my comment by expanding upon your post. I agree with what you said and now understand what you meant. As the owner of mini schnauzers I rarely see them even shortlisted, seems that the same breed gets picked time after time.

Unfortunately, the human element of subjectiveness comes into play in certain judging events, like the Westminister. I more enjoy being judged against the clock, like the Olypmics (speed skating, downhill, luge, bobsledding) as opposed to figure skating where partiality can come into play, regardless of how skilled the judges are.

I thoroughly enjoy your blog, look forward to your posts and will continue to read your antics!

12:48 PM  

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