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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shiba Adoration

Today, The Woman took Belle and myself to our favorite little pet store to purchase our favorite treats. The store is oriented toward locally made treats as well as national brands, and while attached to our vet's office, carries the scientifically needed foods for animals with special needs.

There is a scale in the store.

Belle now weighs 19 pounds.

I weigh 29 (I have lost 2 pounds!)

We bought several types of treats that Belle and I just love, and as we walked to the counter, Belle quickly helped herself to a pig's ear that happened to be just in the right location for her to pick up and carry to the counter.

One has to admire a girl who knows what she wants.

There was a brief moment where all people were holding their breath because a young girl came running over to the both of us and grabbed both Belle and me together, smooshing our heads against one another, exclaiming how cute we both were, and proceeded to sit and pet both of us. The Humans resumed breathing when both of us were quite receptive to this young lady's advances, and proceeded to respond to her positively despite her overt advances.

Belle licked her face while I merely made my presence available for her touch. One must address the unwashed masses appropriately. As The Woman was standing behind us holding our favorite treats, one must behave appropriately in order to receive said treats upon returning home.

I Am Shiba. My Belly Is Full of Dried Fish and Dog Biscuits.


Blogger Jen said...

phew! I would have been holding my breath too! I'm glad your inus are so receptive to unattended children!!

5:58 AM  

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