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Friday, January 15, 2010

Just A Brief Note of Caution

In this time of crisis, in Haiti, I would like to take a moment to warn people about sending their money to just any agency, particularly in the area of Animal Rescue. While the HSUS and PETA are already sending out their emails and claiming their support, be sure that the organization you choose to send your money to has a real reputation for saving the animals, working with the locals and the local community, and working with both pets and livestock. Given Haiti's poverty status, I am sure that there are lots of loose chickens in the streets as I write (although many might have been eaten by now).

Use your money toward supporting the Canine Search and Rescue Teams. For example, Tampa Bay's dogs are already en route.

The World Society for Protection of Animals is already present, They are veterinarians and volunteers who are well known for their coordinating efforts with locals in order to assist with both livestock rescue and pets.

At this time, I have not heard whether the Miami SPCA is going to be involved, but I can not imagine that they will be unaffected by this, given that they are one of the closest animal shelters to Haiti. Follow their website to see if they need assistance.

Remember, think global, act local. There is considerable controversy right now regarding some of our top animal protection agencies, and while we think that while organizations such as the Red Cross and Doctor's Without Borders use their donations as intended, many animal rights and rescue centers are not as favored in their administrative status.

Give wisely, and let us pray that both human and animal survive this terrible tragedy.

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Blogger Cassaendra said...

Thank you for the advice and reminder! I've wondered about this...

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Following the suggestion of a friend who works for a federal agency, I did an email to the Whitehouse (whiteghouse.gov) regarding the animal situation in Haiti. In my email I did the following: Mentioned need for State Dept. involvement. Provided info on "ARCH" (Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti). Stressed that animal welfare after earthquakes not only a "feel good" concern, but also a public health issue. Recommended that White House working group on animal issues be considered (along with State Department). Suggested they indicate donation options for animal concerns on (White House)website.

Sukoshi's mom

7:34 PM  

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