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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Ying and Yang of Feeding Two Shibas

There is just no way that The Woman is going to win this battle. Belle-chan and I are two separate entities that merely share only the same title of breed and differ in every other way imaginable.

Things that I can eat without effort make Belle-chan feel ill. For example, the raw carrot that had required an overnight hospital stay.
Things that Belle-chan can tear right through without hesitation, make me ill as discovered by The Woman's experiment in how to create an electrolyte imbalance.

This incident involved a ham bone. With the Christmas ham finally consumed, it was decided that it would be divided between the two of us for a treat.

Well, like the turkey grease pan incident 5 years ago, I had several late night *omgIHaveToGoOutRightNow* callings and even made several errors on the carpet (much to my embarrassment). Also, what The Woman learned is that ham is, of course, very salty, which makes Shibas very thirsty, which in turn, makes us need to pee.

A lot.

I guess just because it tastes good does not mean it is good for me.

One would think that after Her several lectures on electrolyte imbalances that She would have realized that the imbalance due to increased consumption of Na+Cl- would cause Us to have the symptoms of dehydration and the resulting salt sicknesses. What is it that This Woman is Learning except how to ruin a Shiba's weekend?

Belle-chan lived through it like a trooper. I, on the other hand, was a textbook case of every symptom and a few creative additions.

So, it is decided. The only thing that both Belle-chan and I can eat is cheese, eggs, salmon, organic chicken and Filet Mignon.

I like my steaks rare, thank you. Belle-chan prefers hers to be more well done.

I Am Shiba. You May Want To Get The Carpets Cleaned Soon.


Blogger Vi said...

Awww.... poor pups... and poor carpet. I hope that Cortez and Belle are back to normal now.

8:38 AM  

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