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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thar' She Blows!

I Am Shiba. Belle-chan Needs A Better Internal Clock.


Blogger guyshibalover said...

I had a long hair Maine Coon who passed away on Christmas day. I would have been lost without his Furminator. The first time I used it on him, I could have gathered all his fur and made a sweater for myself and him. I saved it in a bag and am very glad I did. I open it now and again and I still smell him. It is comforting. I adore your I am shiba series. I read the entire blog alone on Thanksgiving day. I could not put it down and panicked as I neared the end. OMG, what to do, no more I am shiba arghhhh, So it was a pleasure to peek in and see a months worth with January 2010. Thanks so much Miss. :-)

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