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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Yesterday, someone told The Woman that I am a Loyal Dog.

I think about that word, Loyal. It means "faithful to a person, idea or cause." I am not sure I qualify as "Loyal" since I would trade my leash in for squirrel chasing freedom in a heartbeat.

I do, however, Trust The Woman that whatever she does or asks me to do is safe and for my best interests. But I still seldom come when called unless I know that there is something in it for me.

Yesterday, where I work with my other dog therapists (only one is my friend, a Bichon Frisee named Sampson), it was picture taking time. At one point, all us canines were lined up in a sit/stay so that our picture could be taken. The other four dogs kept breaking stay while I sat quietly, looking at The Woman, listening to her whispher, "Good sit. Good stay." So I sat, until I head the word "Come" and She was sitting without outstretch arms, quick to embrace me and ruffle up my fur.

I hate it when She messes up my fur, but I love it when She does. It is Her way of saying that She is Proud of what I accomplished; I enjoy seeing her Proud of Me.

Yesterday, I had to sit in the car when The Woman went to the Post Office to mail the Calendars. The Post Office Person said to The Woman as They packaged the Calendars together, "I recognize this dog!" Of course he does! I go in there all the time! The New Employee (who I have yet to meet) as the conversation progressed said, "Your dog sounds very loyal."

I think that I am everything but Loyal. I Trust. I Guard and Protect. I Am Aware. I am a Leader and I am a Follower. But the only cause to which I am Loyal is that of my own interests.

It just happens that The Woman is a part of that.

I Am Shiba. My Kingdom For A Good Squirrel Chase.


Blogger Jen said...

I think if I was asked to describe what optimum relationship with a Shiba Inu is like, I would read this post.

Perfect :)

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It makes us think/compare to human royalty, isn't it? In my opinion, the difference between human and canine royalties are:
1. human royalty are more or less based on one's convenience.
2. human royalties are tested in many conflicting situations. Does one choose their own career or do they stay faithful to an old friend? Does one stay faithful to his leader if he is fighting a war that he no longer believes in? If a doctor discovers hospitals harmed his patient, does he stay royal to his obligation to his patient or does he choose to sacrifice him to save his own career/practice? Fortunately, dogs/canines never have to face such conflicting difficult situations. -D

8:04 AM  

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