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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Mes Parcs

This morning, The Woman honored me with a magnificent gift. We went to one of my parks, and chased my fuzzy, squeeky ball. We have not done this sport in months, and it felt so good to be loose and running. This park is the only park I can be unstrapped because there is a fence that keeps me from running off into traffic. I enjoy the freedom that this park offers.

There are five parks that I own. Each has been acquisitioned for its own reasons, which I shall now explain.

As all good kings, I have a garden park surrounding my castle. I have gardeners that attend to flowers, shubberies, and trees, and who maintain its neatness and order. I do not pay them for their services as we reside in a feudal household. When they need protection, the gardeners come inside my castle and I keep them safe. Medieval Japan is alive and well in the palace.

Squirrel Park I have mentioned in previous posts. This is located within the town square and is the park that I keep for when I am interested in doing some local hunting. I go there regularly to make sure that the Game is abundant and available. Sometimes I see other Canines attempting to poach what is rightfully mine. Justice is always dispensed quickly.

The Nature Park is my local walk in the woods. Also near the house, it is where The Woman and I go for me to enjoy the smells of local wildlife without a long car ride. It is not a complicated park; I do not require that the gardeners maintain it for I like its "wilderness" feel with the native plants and trees. Often, I see squirrels but also many other creatures that excite my senses. Sadly, other Canines use this park when I am not present so I am forced to leave constant reminders to them that this is my territory and they enter at their own risk.

Like Leopold the Second, I have my Congo. Now, this park is difficult to govern as it is a distance from my homeland, and requires travel. There were primitive Natives present when I acquired this territory and while I attempt to keep some semblence of local order, its vastness lessens my influence. I keep this park, however, because it has critical habitat for my second most favorite animal to hunt: the chipmunk. Filled with stone walls and fallen logs, I can hear them whistle and seek out their little holes. While as fast as squirrels, these critters are smaller and harder to chase. Hence, they are second to the larger, more formidable gray fuzzy rodents that I prefer.

And finally, there is the park that I mentioned at the start of this post. It is my exercise park where I can run free and without interruption or straps, playing with my toys and enjoying the feel of grass, dirt and mud between my toes. It is not the grandest of the parks that I keep, but this one suits my purposes for when hunting is not my priority. I don't worry about other Canines using this park since its purpose is not for game management; I allow others to enjoy it without worry.

Sometimes, I amaze myself with my ability to share.

I Am Shiba. Squirrel Chasing Should Be An Olympic Sport.


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