I Am Shiba.

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Some Shiba Facts

  • While I eat 3/4 of a cup of dogfood per day, I also consume several Mother Hubbard treats (for my excellent behavior, of course) and a handful or two of cheese.
  • I am an excellent dishwasher. I am particularly good at washing dishes that are covered in chicken, mashed potatoes, and/or gravy. I am not good at washing dishes that contained broccoli.
  • I am exceptionally good at cleaning out cottage cheese containers.
  • I do not sleep all the time. I merely look like I am sleeping. If one feigns sleep well enough, a squirrel might enter into the house and come near me. If this ever happens, I am ready.
  • I am not an aloof character. I really am ignoring you.
  • Relating to this, real Shibas do not come to their name, unless it is "Treat!", "Walk!" or "Do you want to go for a ride?"
  • Speaking of rides, I have helped The Woman log 1700 miles on her new car without ever leaving the state of Connecticut.
  • In this car, the backseat is mine. You may not place objects in the backseat while I am present or I will stare at you until you remove it. It is not my job to watch your stuff.
  • When walking the perimeter of my territory, if any balls are found, they are mine. Even if they are found four blocks away from The Home, it is obviously something that I misplaced and I need to return it back to my toy box.
  • If you lose your package of Boston Cream Dunkin Donuts off the roof of your car while driving to work, these are also mine and I reserve the right to consume them immediately- no matter how much traffic I delay while standing in the middle of the road.
  • In these cases, pulling on the leash to get me off the road merely makes the process take longer because it slows my eating.
  • On a recent leaf peeping experience, it was pointed out that I am the same color as the foilage. This is called "Camouflage" and makes squirrel hunting much easier.
  • It was also pointed out that I am the same color as The Woman's car. Just as your purse and shoes should match, your car should match your Shiba.

I Am Shiba. I Have Spoken.


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