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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Early Morning Musings

It is 4:30 AM. The Woman has been awake, and moving through the house for the last hour. The Felines are awake and moving. This means, I watch life from inside My Crate. My Crate is my sancutary from all that wander in the night. Today, I will not leave my sancutary for at least another two hours. Felines govern in the darkness.

Sometimes, The Man is up late at night. He stays downstairs and The Felines stay with him. This is good. I avoid their peering eyes.

I meditate within the darkness and await the coming of sunrise. The Woman awakens when she hears the birds. She greets The Felines, and vanishes downstairs. Returning without them, she releases me from my respite and we exchange greetings. The Man awakens later. Sometimes, I must retrieve him from his slumber; other days, The Woman and I leave, only to find him slowly waking somewhere in the house.

"We had our breakfasts-- whatever happens in a house, robbery or murder, it doesn't matter, you must have your breakfast." Wilkie Collins, The Moonstone.

I like mine with cheese. I am not particular.

During the months of summer, mornings are long walks with The Woman. We walk the woods or the town, and watch the world as it slowly moves with the Earth's rotation. In the forest, she looks for birds while I search for chipmunks and squirrels. At the lake, we watch the ducks, count turtles or chase a frog. In the town, we venture to the open market or we walk the streets as so she might admire the gardens of the neighbors.

Yesterday, I sighted three chipmunks while The Woman greeted a Red-Wing Blackbird. The trail was clean. The paths pulse with scent, and I walk them with primal confidence. There is one place where The Woman stops. The view looks out onto the pond and into the forest. Here, she speaks to me and offers her affections, thanking me for guiding her upon the path. 'Tis a distraction, albeit an appreciated one.

Another hour before sunlight enters the window. I envision where this morning shall take us.

I Am Shiba. The Sun is but a Morning Star.


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Very poetic, this morning.

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