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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Canine Optimism

Recently, I was informed that canines are the optimists of the animal world.

I think I missed that memo.

Maybe Labradors are the optimistics, German Sheperds the workaholics and Poodles the fashion victims, but I would hardly consider myself to be Pollyanna.

How can one afford to spend so much energy looking forward to the future? Everyday, I awake, and know what to expect from my environment. This morning was a perfect example. While we were walking (both The Man and The Woman attended my morning constitution), I had the opportunity to witness at very close proximity, a cat chasing a squirrel. I was completely beside myself for to which do I direct my attention- the running squirrel or the pursuing feline? It was a moment given to me by the Gods, and if it was not for the leash, we would all know what my decision would be (and since I am a selfish beast, I shall not share my answer).

Is it reasonable for me to expect a gift like this every morning on every walk? I am right in hoping that the sky will someday rain squirrels or that my bowl will be filled every night with cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, and grilled swordfish (I like white foods)? Should every trip involve a stop at PetSmart (well, yes, but . . .)?

I think that people misunderstand contentment and enthusiasm for optimism. I have expectations of seeing squirrels in the trees and visits to PetSmart but I also have my dreams. This morning, I was granted a dream while my expectation of a nice morning walk was met. There is a subtle but noticeable difference. When The Woman leaves, I expect to go in the car with her. I do not sit around wondering if she will take me or even if she plans to travel. I merely prepare to travel when she does. This is not unreasonable nor is it optional.

Far too many canines always hope that each day is as good as the next. I expect that every day will provide me satisfaction- anything extra is merely a bonus because it should happen.

There is no reason to feel positive or negative about what each day provides. Things happen as they do. And while sometimes you are given moments of cats chasing squirrels, the normal of a day should not be greeted with either optimism nor disdain, but rather as given what is your due.

I Am Shiba. I Believe in neither Heaven nor Hell but rather in the Consciousness of Being Shiba.


Blogger Diane of the dogs said...

Cortez, Bea agrees with you. ONCE a baby mouse came out of my cereal box and commited suicide by leaping into Bea's mouth. She now expects this event to re-occur any time a cereal box is removed followed by "ooh!" Actually she expects a mouse to appear and commit suicide any time I am surprised and go "oh!". That's not optimism that's entitlement! :)

7:55 PM  

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