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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Hunting Continues

Yesterday, I am ashamed to say that the Chipmunk got away. It was a merry chase but I can not climb an oak tree and he can, so he escaped.

We saw the chipmunk run into the gutter, Belle-chan and I. Dragging The Woman, we quickly moved in, attempting to disassemble this contraption in order to get our choice rodent. When the chipmunk bolted out, The Woman dropped our leashes, claiming that she was not going to be dragged under the car like the last chase.

He hid under a garbage can. Oh, this is easy, These things are on wheels and move. Funny that as we moved the can, the chipmunk moved with it, but Belle-chan was able to get a paw underneath and out he darted toward me.

It was my chase and quickly that little squeaky rodent moved up the oak tree with me snapping after him. This was most distressing as of all the trees, it is the only one that I can not even attempt to climb as there are no lower branches for access.

I needed a ladder.

Having a hunting partner has added a whole new dynamic to the chase of our quarry. Belle-chan knows the rules of pursuit and with her agility background, is able to squeeze or maneuver herself in strange ways in order to get what she wants. She is The Seeker. I am the Chaser. I wait for it to appear and pursue.

But yesterday, this one got away.

There is always the next time.

I Am Shiba. I Love Hunting In The Springtime.


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they do better in teams, don't they?

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