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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chaos, I Tell You, Chaos!

I am most displeased. Nothing is as it should be.

The Woman decided to completely clean the kitchen of all dog fur (something about dust bunnies and shedding; I have no idea of what she speaks). First she disassembled our crates and took all our blankies to the laundromat to remove that wonderful aromatic Shiba smell and replace it with yucky non-scented stuff. Please note that in this photograph and the one below, I am not only expressing my unamusement with the entire endeavour, but also working hard to return my scent where it rightfully belongs.

"Oh this is just so wrong." ^^^

I even have to look in on her several times to see if she is done yet. Are you done yet? Are you done yet? When will our dog food bowls be dry? When will my crate be put back? Is that cleaning solution you are using healthy for my paws?

Belle-chan, of course, takes the easy option out whenever there is chaos.

She merely goes to the bedroom and naps.

There is change happening and she prefers to avoid it rather than supervise or confront it head on.

Belle-chan's philosophy: This is not happening. If I sleep, it will just go away.

My philosophy: I most certainly did NOT give you permission to do this!

I Am Shiba. Next Time She Does This, I Won't Leave My Crate.


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