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Friday, December 08, 2006

How to Scare The Woman, Lesson 1

The Woman has been very busy lately. This is evident by the piles of "stuff" that she inconveniently leaves lying around, making everyone of us nervous by the lack of organization within the household. How can one feel comfortable in their surroundings when the Leadership appears unable to find a paperclip?

(They are in the desk behind the computer, in the little plastic container, next to the printer, which, by the way, needs paper! Sometimes, I have to remind The People of everything).

So, The Woman went shopping the other day, for cheese among other things (which had not been on my food for THREE days- intolerable living conditions, I tell you) and was entering and leaving the house repeatedly, bringing more and more bags. I waited a few moments to feign disinterest at her return, only to hear her leave once more.

And I admit, I panicked. I thought she was leaving for more errands and I was afraid that, once more, she would be leaving me behind. Seeing that the screen door was closing, I did what every good Shiba has done at least once (or twice) in their life:

I squeezed through and ran outside.

I saw The Woman unloading more bags from the car so I stood behind her, waiting for her greeting and salutations. When she turned around, she dropped the bags, and immediately started to talking to me, petting me, and saying how much I deserved a treat.

Yes. Yes. Come to think of it, I could use a treat right now so as she ran to the house calling me, I ran with her because a treat would taste very good right now.

Back inside the house, I munch my treat on the carpet while The Woman brings in the last of the bags.

She then collapses next to me and tells me that I am a good boy. I know that.

But I would still like to go for a ride in the car soon.

I Am Shiba. I Help Keep Your Arteries Clean.


Blogger Diane of the dogs said...

oh yes, shortly after we moved here, Riker did something similar and made a large loop around our field before running back all pleased with himself to jump in the santa Fe with Doodle who I tossed a leash on and ran in a circle before excitedly opening the hatch and she jumped in. Riker did not want to miss a R-I-D-E... Thank God!

3:21 PM  

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