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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rescue Shiba 911


Knock on the door.


The People get up and leave their dinner table to answer the door. It is a salesman. They are not amused.


They asked me, Why didn't you bark, and alert us to the situation?


Excuse me, but I get 2 fifteen minute breaks a day. Like a policeman in a donut shop, my mealtimes are my own time. I am off duty. So please, don't expect me to get upset that your dinner was interrupted by the doorbell since I chose not to respond so that I can enjoy mine.

It's not like it was an emergency or anything.

Unlike the other night.

When I was asleep and the entire household was awoken by a large crash and thump. Okay, modify that. I was the only one who was asleep and awoken by the large crash and thump.

That Guy had decided to microwave himself a bowl of chicken with noodles, and with Pepsi in hand, walked down the steps to his basement. About half way down, he fell and everything went flying. There was pasta and chicken everywhere. So, the feline was placed in another room, and The Woman called me down into the basement to help with clean-up.

While The Woman removed the large Pepsi stain, I immediately identified my task as the Noodle-Chicken Carpet Remover. Much to my pleasure, That Guy had made himself a rather big bowl of the meal. I even found a stray noodle or three that had traveled further from the scatterings than most.

I certified that this crime scene was safe, and returned back to bed. To add to the sorrow of That Guy's situation, there was no more noodles or chicken left for a second meal.

That Guy, the next morning, had a huge bruise on his left leg that The Woman deemed "impressive."

Bummer for him. Happy Moment for Me.

I Am Shiba. I Both Walk a Beat and Work CSI.


Anonymous That Guy said...

Thanks Cortez for the cleanup.
You are so helpful (sometimes).

7:06 AM  

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