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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kibble Hockey

Kibble hockey is by far the greatest game invented by myself and That Guy. The rules are simple: he shoots a piece of dog kibble across the kitchen floor. I must demonstrate my hunting prowess by stopping the kibble before it goes underneath the kitchen table or by finding it if That Guy does something tricky like shoot the Kibbble on to the carpet (which is officially offsides).

So the game goes like this. First That Guy says: Let's Do It!

So I get ready. Damn, I look good, don't I?

I watch the line-up, counting the number of Kibble that I must find and retrieve.

Then, he starts shooting them, and I chase, hoping that I can stop the Kibbles faster than he can skitter them across the kitchen floor.

If I am attentive, I can stop them right after the initial shot.

And when I am really good, I stop the Kibble before it barely leaves the starting gate!

Kibble hockey is a sport that I recommend for all ages, but particularly for Shibas who are not allowed to run free chasing squirrels, but are rather confined to hunting the food in the walls of the household.

I Am Shiba. I Never Turn Down the Opportunity to Chase.


Anonymous SecretAdmirer said...

Master Shiba,

Where are you?

Stop playing hockey and write us new adventures please!

1:50 PM  

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