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Sunday, February 17, 2008

That Guy Returns

That Guy took off again this week, and returned home yesterday. It was nice to see him. He brought me a bone from the Atlanta Pet Smart. Personally, I would have rather gone to the Atlanta Pet Smart but I never turn down a tasteful and tasty gift.

The Woman did not suffer from her normal Agoraphobia in That Guy's absence and so we ended up driving all around town running errands, and going for two really nice long walks- something we had not done together for some time. Both walk days had great weather but then a horrid snow/sleet/rainfall came that kept us both indoors. So then she terrorized me and the feline with the vacuum cleaner and disrupted our lives with noisy music.

We did watch the Westminster Dog show together but I went to bed after the Shiba did not even place. I was most disappointed.

How can I get my daily nap when she is making so much noise for two days in a row?

But now life is back to normal. It is Sunday. That Guy and The Woman read the paper, and I get a walk and some attention. Later they will make noise with their computer and then bother me as they move about the house doing stuff.

I Am Shiba. I like Routine.


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