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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yesterday I Killed a Cantaloupe

There are moments where life is far more exciting than I expected.

The Woman took me in the car yesterday as she needed to purchase the evening meal (which included French Fries!) However, the store did not have all the ingredients she required, so she was forced to drive to another store to obtain the rest of what she needed. Not a problem for me; a nice car ride is always fun and I enjoy going places and seeing the sights.

But this was a new store, a new environment, one that had never encountered a Shiba marking so it was mandatory that I be removed from the car and allowed to mark my presence on the obviously expensive shrubberies.

As we returned to the automobile, there was another individual close to us, loading bags of groceries into her car. One bag tipped over, and the contents spilled on to the ground.

And out rolled The Cantaloupe.

And The Chase was on.

Trained by That Guy to seek and out destroy anything that is thrown or tossed, I immediately set out to obtain my quarry. With The Woman in tow, I lunged and attacked this rolling fruit with the vigor of my 6000 year old ancestors attacking a wild boar. I grabbed it with my paws, and sank my teeth into its rough flesh.

It tasted horrible.

But I was not dissuaded. After two more bites, I secured a grip, and ripped open the skin revealing some wonderfully delightful fleshy goodness that needed to be shredded and thrashed around the parking lot immediately, The Woman, of course, wanted to end my hunt before I could fully destroy my prey but I was faster, smarter, and more agile. It took mere seconds for me to tear The Cantaloupe into smaller pieces, and toss them to and fro.

It took me longer to spit out the seeds than it did to destroy this delightful new toy.

The Woman, although amused, attempted to discipline me for my actions. I, of course, believed none of her babblings about "leave it," "heel," or her calling my name and pulling on the leash. I am a trained killer. And to kill what moves is what I do best.

I Am Shiba. Shiba:1; Cantaloupe: 0.


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