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Sunday, November 18, 2007

All's Quiet on the Eastern Front

It's been pretty boring around here of late from the Shiba perspective. The People have been coming and going about on their normal business, I get my periodic car rides, and for the most part, my needs have been attended to in a modest but satisfying manner.

Rumor is that The Guy is going to be home all this week, and that The Woman is going to be home for most of the week- something about a holiday.

Holiday's are good. This means lots of food. Lots of food means leftovers. Leftovers means Mashed Potatoes in my meals. Mashed Potatoes are good. So logically, a Shiba might concluded:

Holidays = Mashed Potatoes = Kibble Goodness.

Although like all good logic problems, this theory fails for the holiday of Halloween where I am banned to my crate and am forced to watch The Woman actually give away things to other people!

That is just all wrong. Wrong that this are given away freely, and wrong that there is a holiday that is celebrated sans Mashed Potatoes.

I Am Shiba. Mashed Potatoes are the life of The Holiday! They are the iron men of The Plate!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you like some gravy with those mashed potatoes?

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

miam miam!!! in French
la Maman

9:17 AM  

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