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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Squirrels and Sunday mornings

The last few days have been hectic for The Woman. She has returned to work, she is in school, and people are bothering her. She is also still working out, and overall, is busy so my walks have been limited to quick excursions although I have gotten to ride in the car more frequently.

She has been so busy that we have not visited any of our lady friends (i.e., my job!) although she tells me that I will be doing that tomorrow.

So this morning I was very pleased when I was taken on a nice walk right after my breakfast. The cats are all gathered on the stoops of their houses, waiting to be let in, and there are a few people puttering around in their yards that we greet.

And then, two squirrels decide to have a chase and a fight right in the middle of the road, right where I can get them. I am not even sure that they saw me until I got very close, and I would have chased them except that the leash was too short. But I waited for some time for them to come down from their tree (which they did not) and looked around for more squirrels to chase (which there were not), and finally conceded that it was time to return home.

Oh, speaking of home, That Guy is back. Yesterday we played ball and I got to destroy it. It is good to see him even though he put his suitcase on my seat for the ride home.

I Am Shiba. I Can Forgive Small Trespasses for a Treat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello Shiba
no Lucky with the squirrels ?
but more luck with the ball !!!

4:05 AM  

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