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Sunday, August 05, 2007

I'm Just a Travelin' Fool

It's been 90+ here in the grand ol' Northeast, and yet, every morning, when The Woman heads out, I insist to escort her. I know that we will be going to places where I can lay claim to my kingdom, and I know that there will be interesting sights and sounds to keep me entertained- despite the heat.

Fortunately, with this newer car she has, air conditioning is a HUGE bonus. So is a working shock system. Both make my ride much more comfortable.

So, over the course of the two weeks, I have traveled at least once to each of the following:

The Local Car Wash
The Local Grocery Store (X 3 in one day because of what The Woman calls "Senior Moments")
The Big Chain Grocery Store
The Local Library

**SQUIRREL PARK** X 2 - omgomgomg, I just love it there

My pet therapy duties
The Farmer's Market X 2
The College Bookstore (note: the college has wonderful grassy green lawns- they feel so good on hot paws)
My favorite pet store and a brief visit to the vet (like the vet really needs to see me)

I have supervised The Woman painting a wall.
I have guarded her from invaders to include the air conditioning repairman and those concrete guys *who*just*keep*coming*back* despite my very obvious ferociousness.
I have watched over them during cocktail hour and proven my skill at catching flies in midair.

One could hardly call my life dull and humdrum. My agenda is always filled. Today, however, the Woman is cooking for the week,and That Guy is working on his computer. The afternoon is cooler than most, with a nice breeze blowing.

My front door is open so I can watch the neighborhood comings and goings.

It's good to have a return to a normal Sunday. I can just relax and supervise as needed.

I Am Shiba. P.S. The Lawn is Dead.


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