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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It was only a Dead Frog!

Okay, so it was in the middle of the road of a busy street, with oncoming traffic both ways, but that does not mean that I *publicly* deserved to be verbally reprimanded (as well as suffer the humiliation of having my leash shortened and placed into a heel position until we were safely on a side street again).

I must check everything and anything that is different in my territory, and a dead frog certainly warrants my stepping off the sidewalk and into traffic. This is my principality, after all, and these motorized vehicles are subject to my rules of the road. The Woman (my Chamberlain) does not seem to appreciate my command while I am mingling among my peoples, and insists that I maintain a certain amount of dignity and decorum worthy of my status.

This seems to include not eating smelly dead creatures in the middle of busy streets.

So be it. Now, I will just whine until I get a Greenie, and then I will call it even.

On a side note, I am beginning to sense something different. The Woman is no longer packing her bags in the morning and leaving in a hurry after my morning constitution. She only leaves at night now. I am beginning to suspect that she has finally decided to accept her position in society as my one true servant, and will be available to me on a much more regular basis for things such as petting sessions, grooming, walks, rides, and whatever else I can think up as a spontaneous yet engaging activity.

I Am Shiba. Respect my Authority!


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