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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Squirrels > Birds

Although The Woman most certainly disagrees with me on this issue.

Yesterday was her walk. While there were squirrels in the neighborhood to be counted, she was enamored by the bird activity. She constantly stopped and admired these feathery noisemakers, noting their behaviors and admiring their operations.

First, there were several European Starlings feeding their young. As the parents moved about from yard to yard searching for insects, the babies following. As the parent approached, they would loudly squawk in anticipation of food. This happened on a number of locations throughout of walk.

Second, we could hear several woodpeckers working away on trees, seeking tasty bugs on which to feed. I can only assume that they have brethren to feed as well, hence their high level of activity so early in the morning.

Next, we watched two squirrels destroy a bird's nest, which made The Woman rather sad. I shall contact those neighbors later and ask if they require my services for pest elimination.

Finally, as we were finishing our walk, almost to the house, a Great Blue Heron flew right up the road, just over our heads.

The Woman said that this was a good omen, a great start to Summer.

I Am Shiba. My Favorite Bird is The Chicken.


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