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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fidelco 2007

Well, faithful readers, here it is. On a foggy, drizzly Connecticut morning, me and about a bazillion other dogs marched forward in the name of employing German Shepherds. Even though the weather was not at all to my liking, I felt that it was important to prove my enthusiasm for getting homeless German Shepherds off the streets and into the work force. Hence, I marched with the best of them.

There were a number of different breeds present at The Walk. Lots of Labs, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds. There were Newfoundlands- both Black and Landseers- and drooling all the way. Huskies, small yappy dogs, a few Standard Poodles, a Saint Bernard, a Great Pyrenees, and a Weimaraner. There were English Spaniels, Border Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs, and Lassie Collies (The Woman called this "The British Invasion"). There was even a Bordeaux Mastiff puppy that made it into several of our photographs whose legs and paws were bigger than most tree trunks. There was, however, only one Shiba Inu.

C'etait moi.

So The Woman explains to me what I need to do. Follow all those other dogs. I, of course, do not understand a word that she is saying but pretend to pay attention.

I am looking for a spot to announce my presence, but damned if those Shepherds are moving in to where I think I have a chance!

Here I am, marching with the Shepherds. I make this look good.

Here is a picture of that Bordeaux Mastiff puppy that followed me most of the way. I think he was afraid the German Shepherds might hurt him so I allowed him to stay close so that he was protected. He was not a bad lad but his paws certainly made him funny looking.

So The People decide that they have some errands to run. First, they go out to Breakfast and leave me in the Car! Okay, so it was raining and sitting outside may not have been pleasurable, but sitting out in the car- this is so not my style.

But then we arrive here:

Which is (of course) the greatest store in the world and I get these:

Which are (of course) the greatest toy and the greatest treats in the world.

Then, the People decide to share the leftovers of their breakfast with me. I am going to get a Second Breakfast which is (of course) the greatest Shiba Surprise.

It's eggs, cheese and Po-ta-toes which is (of course) the greatest breakfast in the world. And I have worked up such an appetite, I am so ready for this.

But That Guy, he wants the breakfast too- and decides to race me for it:

We await the Ready - Set - Go!

I win!

And so the rest of my day is spent basking in the glory of my unselfish, dogitarian act of helping those poor German Shepherds. Sometimes, I amaze myself with my generosity towards the plights of others.

I Am Shiba. Together, We Raised $344 for Fidelco to Help Raise and Place Seeing Eye Dogs throughout the Country. Thank You.


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what a good dog! (and your people too of course!)

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