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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Someone Stole Our Sidewalk!

It is horrible! I have failed in my responsibilities as a watchdog!

Yesterday, The Woman took me shopping with her. There were a number of stores we needed to visit (including Pet Smart) so it was a busy afternoon. However, when we got home, the sidewalk leading to our house was gone! Someone had stolen it! There was only dirt remaining.

I insisted that we call 911 immediately but The Guy came home and essentially my concerns of this theft were ignored.

Then this morning, the robbers returned! and again, The Woman did nothing to prevent them from stealing our pavement! Well, I was obviously going to have to take issues into my own hands, and I proceeded to tell these thieves, VERY LOUDLY, that they were trespassing and must leave immediately or feel the Wrath of All That Is Shiba.

I am now crated. I do not understand. The Woman must be so terrified by the actions of these five large men that she would rather allow them to take what they want rather than protect what is rightfully ours.

And all this happened before Breakfast! I have not even had Breakfast yet!

Well, needless to say, the next intruder to our house, I shall reveal my Japanese hertitage, and demonstrate techniques of guarding and defense known only to the most elite of Shibas and Akitas. I will not allow this to happen again!

I Am Shiba. My Territory Is Under Code Red.


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