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Monday, February 19, 2007

Oh The Places We Go

The Woman is on vacation again which means that I am back at work being the ever vigilant, constant companion. It has been an interesting two weeks in that she has had to take several days off from work, one snow day came our way, and now we have an entire week to share each other's company. I have already spent a good part of the morning barking at the garbage trucks outside because their loud noises are interfering with her ability to concentrate and write.

When she has days off, two other things happen as well. First, she cooks, and that means, there are good meals which means that there are usually cheesy bowls for me to clean or soup juices on my food. This is a good thing. The other thing that happens is that she cleans, which is not so good because it means noise and disorder to my normal harmonious life.

For example, She had the audacity to move and clean my crate, and wash my blankets. Then she bathed me! To dry off completely, I had to rub my wet fur on the sides of the couch . . .

But the really nice thing about The Woman having time off, is that we travel places. I get to go to the Post Office, the Library (which has Squirrel Park right next to it), the Beer store, the Pet Store, and the Hardware Store. I have to sit in the car when she goes the the grocery store but she always let walk around first and assert my presence on their bushes. There is only one place that I am *not* **allowed** and that is her gym because the loud music and all those people moving around gets me a tad excited and it is just better that I stay home.

For some reason, they don't want a Shiba running around showing them to true meaning of exercise. Go figure.

People are always amazed as I fulfill my companion duties by accompanying The Woman into all these different places. I sit by her quietly as she does her business; I tolerate everyone commenting on how much I look like a fox; I let small children approach me. While there are times that individuals openly state that they are uncomfortable with my presence, never once have I been asked to leave or never come back. Generally, I am accepted without question as I present a calm dignified presence in what is otherwise a mundane experience.

Well, except for that gym incident but I had my reasons for getting excited. I really thought that the hula hoops were for me to play Tug Of War!

Not every Shiba wants to travel outside their home. I know several that have no desire to leave their established territory or are too overwelmed in public places. But I am a Shiba that enjoys going places and doing things, and this week holds much promise.

I Am Shiba. I Wouldn't Mind Seeing Japan If I Can Be Home In Time For Dinner.


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