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Friday, January 26, 2007

Some Brief Updates

1. The Woman is fine. The biopsy results came back and she is not in any health dangers although I still think that she suffers from moments of psychosis. This is because she has been diagnosed with a condition called "men-and-paws" which means that she blames everything on men and things with paws. So, The Man, The Felines, and me are always in trouble now.

And this is different . . . how?

2. The new toy that I got is not a Kong toy although it looks like a Kong toy. The Kong Toy company told me that they do not make the toy that I thought was a Kong Toy. So while I still think that Kong toys are the best and that this toy really looks and feels like a Kong Toy, it is not.

I Am Shiba. I Just Like to Keep People Informed.


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