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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Morning Dietary Musings

It is a foggy, misty morning. My morning walk was short because my paws were getting soaked from all the rain that we have been having lately. I had to answer several scentmails that had been left for me on my favorite trees but between the weather and my hatred of wet paws, our outside interlude was short and to the point. I came, I smelled, I peed, and I went home. Tonight will most likely be no better. It will be colder and wetter. I smell the snow that is building in the West. I am lacking my full winter coat since the weather has been so mild. I am wondering how fast I can make more fur before the ice and deep freeze arrives.

I have heard through the canine political grapevine that there is now a dietary drug for my overweight amigos. I am aghast at this, and Their People who will purchase this drug in order to help their pooches loose their paunches. I admit that I lilke a good treat as well as the next mutt, but the only way that I can get my treats is if The Woman or The Man deem me worthy. I like cheese and eggs in my breakfast bowl and I adore pizza crust for a late night snack. However, My People walk me twice a day and keep close eye on my weight, as well as their own. They may not be the most athletic of individuals, but at least they move around periodically.

This drug, created by Pfizer, helped 550 dogs lose weight when diets had normally failed. Of these dogs, 80% of their owners and tried and failed to help their dogs lose weight. I ask, what are the dietary habits of the owners and how often do they "cheat" at their own dietary health? Like well-behaved children, the household dog is a reflection of The People who care for it. I am, of course, assuming that overweight people and dogs go hand in hand, but this quote supports my ill-begotten logic:

"We've had anecdotal stories from pet owners," Wilson said, " The dog starts losing weight . . . initiates play more, and that actually made the owner become more active and lose weight."

But which came first: the overweight canine or the overweight owner?

As a healthy, relatively active Shiba, I abhore the idea that a fellow canine might be receiving medicine to help him lose weight, and I resent the idea that we initiate play when we weigh less. We initiate play because we want attention; unfortunately, all too often, people ignore us and we learn to be quiet and lie around because no one wants to play with us. Thankfully, not every canine is just viewed as a household object. Some of us are actually treated as a dog should be.

Medicating pets for health reasons is one thing; medicating a dog because he is fat is another. What is next? Gastric Bypass surgery when we get spayed or neutered?

My mind boggles with the thought.

I Am Shiba. Second Breakfasts are Good, but only in Moderation.


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