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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Je Suis Batman

It has been an interesting few days in the world of The Shiba. The holidays have come and gone, with good food, and dog treats, and plenty of nice walks and playtime since The Man and The Woman are vacationing. 'Course this means that they sleep in late and my morning constitutionals are hours later than I would prefer, but not everything can be perfect when Humans are involved.

I met a very young Shiba the other day. The Woman and I drove to the grocery store, and there was a very young energetic black and tan Shiba who could not keep his paws still. He wanted to play and jump and lick everyone, so after briefly playing, I proceeded to show him the dignity of what is Shiba, much to the amazement of his people (as this youngster proceeded to bounce around everyone like a flea in a dog kennel). The Woman was enamored with him and repeatedly told him what a pretty puppy he was. Yes, I reminded her, until he chews up your shoes.

About three days prior to the hyperactive puppy incident, I singlehandedly stopped what was assumed to be a robbery at a liquor store. As it was late at night, The Woman always takes me when she travels, and she often takes me into the stores as I am guarding and well-behaved. Well, that night, Two Large African American men walked in with ski masks and started to abuse the staff, and became very aggressive. I did not like this. This store is part of my territory, my kingdom. The men who work at the store are nice to me and The Woman. No, I did not like these two men at all, being so mean to everyone around them. So I lunged forward and started to bark at them, raising the fur on my back to make me look bigger, and I started to show them my Kung Fu maneuvers to prove my seriousness.

They had to leave now!

The Two Large African American Men started to yell at the staff about my presence in the store. Ask me, guys, why I am here. It is to keep The Woman safe from riff-raff like you. I continued to express my dissatisfaction at their presence in the store, and after a few moments, they turned and left. For a few moments, everyone in the store was quiet. I heard The Woman call my name, and I came over, pushing my butt into her legs to tell her that everything was all right. Then everyone started to talk at once, and The Woman, escorted by a staff member, returned to her car.

She split her Vietnamese Pho Soup with me, which was very nice.

Yesterday, I found The Woman crying. She put her arms around me, and told me that soon she has to go in for a biopsy and that she was scared. She then told me that I could not come with her. I was shocked and surprised. This is stupid. She would not be scared if I could accompany her to the doctor's office. But I am worried. I worry when she goes places where I can not follow. How can I make her feel better if I am not there?

I Am Shiba. I Am The Protector of My World.


Blogger Lisa said...

Oh my god, Muerta. I'm sorry for all of that. When is your appointment?

4:45 PM  
Blogger Diane of the dogs said...

and I had to come here to read this? :(

Good for Cortez but how scarey!

And what's this Dr business????

4:24 PM  

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