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Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Greatest Toy In the World

It has been a miserable week for The Shiba. First, a weekend of rain so no fabulous walks in my territories or into the hills or to check on my squirrels. Then, very cold temperatures so The Woman (again) limited her walks because *she* was cold - *I* had no issues or complaints. Then The Woman went back to school on Thursday and it started to snow and I was with The Man and it just was not right! Friday, finally, I was allowed to go to Squirrel Park only to find NOT ONE SQUIRREL! I was so disappointed. But then, the greatest thing happened:

The Woman gave me a new Kong toy.

It is such a cool toy. It is a round rubber ring with three little bells built in so it makes music when I shake it. The Man and I can play Tug-of-War with it, and it does not break!


Kongs are the greatest toys for Shibas. As we are prone to destruction (I have been timed in destroying stuffed toys in under 4 minutes), Kongs are one of the few toys that withstand our determination. And my other Kong, when I see it, often has treats and peanut butter inside. Yummy!

And this morning, The Woman took me on a nice walk. Even though it was windy, it was at least sunny and she was more in the mood to travel some distance. We played the game of "find the recyclables" which means that I get to find plastic bottles hidden in the bushes, which is almost, but not quite as cool, as finding a squirrel.

I Am Shiba. The Weekend Is Looking Better and Better!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

courage cortez l'hiver aura une fin et en attendant tu as un nouveau jouet
anne marie

10:34 AM  

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