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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Springing Into Spring

Two magnificent mornings of temperatures in high 30's, resulting in two magnificent morning walks. The perfect start of any good day that later leads to the front door being open to allow the afternoon sun to bake my coat into warm perfection.

I am disappointed however by the considerable amount of trash that is lying all about the roads, gardens, and tree lined lanes. The Woman has picked up two bags of recyclable cans without any effort or exaggerated searches. She has not even touched the discarded plastic water bottles or plastic bags caught in trees or the liquor bottles that are so carelessly discarded out car windows as people drive within my lands.

Connecticut needs a "Pick Up Trash" day. One day out of the year where everyone inspects their borders, and bundles up all the rudely discarded non-biodegradeable items. Now that the snow is gone, it is so obvious how inconsiderate people are with regard to the lands in which we all share.

Connecticut also needs to allow the recycling of plastic water bottles. Pay the deposit and get them off the ground. They are everywhere. It is strange to me that people drink water to "be healthy" and then ruin the environment by simply tossing their empties into the streets.

Tomorrow, I suspect we will walk once more through my wild garden, and collect that which can not be recycled for profit. While I will continue to count my squirrels (many new babies born this spring!), The Woman will tend to my concerns regarding dregs left by the scum.

I Am Shiba. The Cleaner My Gardens, The Better The Squirrels.


Blogger GODbabe said...

Earth Day is April 22, and among other things, it is a good time to pick up trash on your favorite trails.

6:54 AM  

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