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Friday, March 16, 2007

Pet Therapist, Adventure 1

I think I am going to like this.

Despite the fact that I hate changes in my appearance, I am required to wear a blue coat while I am "working." Ironically, this article of clothing seems to give me more status, more power, than I already carry in my normal character. I could get used to this. People truly were bowing to my omnipotence as I walked the halls of the local high school.

I am a therapy dog, and I understand that my job is to bring the essence of what is Shiba to the unwashed masses. I am not a Golden Retriever; I will not knock you over in my excitement to get petted nor am I a Border Collie, ready to chase balls or perform tricks without hesitation.

I Am Shiba.

I will stand on a chair so that a dying wheelchair bound child might be able to stroke my coat. I will walk with a severely disabled child as he moves through the hallways to catch his bus, moving slowly down the stairs so that he does not fall. I will escort children to and from classes, and give greetings to both teachers and students alike when I enter the room. I present myself in a calm, dignified and respectable manner.

I will not slobber on you, nor will I disturb your personal space unless you so chose.

My performance at this task is important to The Woman. She seems to think that it is important that I accompany her everywhere (which I have discussed before numerously), and now, it appears that I shall be accompanying her at work as well. This is fine. This allows me to continue to watch and protect that which is precious to me, and yet, still, allow the public to witness all that is Shiba.

I have been told that not many Shibas are therapy dogs. We are too territorial or we are too aggressive when walked outside our fenced yards. I stand to say that it is easy to be a working Shiba when you have a handler who understands your needs and frustrations, a trainer who understands how I think, and people who need to feel fur without an overindulgence on the canine's part.

I Am Shiba. I Excel At Everything I Want To.


Blogger Diane of the dogs said...

I believe Cortez, you have found your calling in life.

It was not to be a show dog (although you would have continued to do well had you continued), you were not to be a breeding dog either.

But a Therapy dog is you!

I am very proud of you!
Your original mum

7:50 AM  

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