I Am Shiba.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Ying and The Yang Of Spring

Ying: I get to walk in my Nature Center at least once a week now! (see post below).
Yang: I got my first tick.

Ying: I get brushed daily because I am exploding with furry goodness!
Yang: I got my first bath of the year.

Ying: There is no more ice for me to slip on!
Yang: There is no more snow for me to play in.

Ying: There are more dogs on the street for me to meet and greet!
Yang: There are more dogs on the street who need to be taught who is Emperor.

Ying: Barbacue season is just around the corner!
Yang: The People no longer eat red meat.

I Am Shiba. There are no silver linings anymore.


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