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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cars, Chipmunks, and Cats on a Hot Cement Porch

First, I must tell all my supporters that I have been working out daily in preparation of my upcoming Walk for Fidelco. It has not been easy. The world provides many distractions as I furiously walk to build my endurance. But I must stay focused, so while pumping iron is out of the question, I march my way to superior muscle tone.

I am also insisting upon a high protein diet of eggs, eggs, cheese, and more eggs. One must keep their strength up! (a little bit of that turkey sausage would be nice also).

So, I keep busy. The Woman has been driving me everywhere, including many new places such as her Community College and the Doctor's office (although I had to wait in the car there). She did not take me to her chaperoning of the High School dance last night- which made me rather disgruntled because it meant I was put to bed early when there was still sun shining through the front door (I am also working on my tan for the Walk. One must look their best, you know!)

The Other Day, we were walking in my Nature Center. There were many squirrels to be counted, and one extremely large turtle to be noted. Red wing blackbirds were flying around as well as the usual ducks and geese starting to nest in for the long summer months. However, there was this one chipmunk that thought he was camouflaged by the trail. The Woman claims that she saw him before I did (which I doubt). He opted to stay completely still by the side of the trail in hopes that we would not see him (like she sees better than me). But as we went by, the aroma of a small warm-blooded furry critter entered my nostrils and I turned and jumped as fast as I could. But alas, that leash, that damned leash, once again prevented me from rushing down my quarry.

Then, Friday night, traumatizing. We arrive home to three cats fighting on our driveway. They would not cease and desist despite our insistence, and I had to forcefully make my presence known as so that they might scatter from what is rightfully my territory, and not theirs to claim. However, as we climbed the steps to the front door, there was a feline waiting.

It was very scary.

The cat made itself 3X bigger than what it normally was and had the audacity to spit at me. On my fur. But I know these temperamental beasts. When they are like this, do not make eye contact and pretend like they don't exist. Like bears in the woods, felines can hurt one's nose if one pokes it to close. The Woman ended up having to yell at the cat in my defense, and in retrospect, I am rather embarrassed to have had to stand down on my own front porch but sometimes those who retreat, can return to fight another time.

But they just have so many stickers. Like porcupines, you just can't win.

I Am Shiba. A Leader is A Shiba Who Can Adapt Principles to Circumstances.


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Cortez is afraid of big, mean, evil cats.


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