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Thursday, July 05, 2007

On Today's Walk

The Woman pointed out to me ad of a lost dog. A Bernese Mountain Dog named Beauregard.

She knew that this had to be the dog of a colleague of hers- because a) how many Mountain Dogs are there around here and b) how many Mountain Dogs would share the same name?

Upon getting home, she gave me a Greenie and a hug, and immediately called the People of the Mountain Dog. Fortunately, he had been found. Apparently he had been scared off by the loud noises of the firecrackers, and was found at a nearby grocery store looking for food.

At least he was thinking coherently after the trauma of the rains and the firecrackers. Nutrition is always important when one is under stress.

Fourth of July sucks for us canines. Too many loud noises and too much chaos. But I am glad for my Greenie and I am glad that another dog found his way home.

I Am Shiba. Identification: Never Leave Home Without It.


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