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Sunday, September 02, 2007

That Guy Still Missing So We Stole His Car

Mustang! > *

T- 7 days and counting, The Woman tells me and That Guy will be back. So, she says, we must please him and have his car looking nice before his return.

Please him? Please him? Since when has that ever been a concern of mine?

My interest is merely to be seen around town in the shiny red car. A Shiba in a sports car. There is no better combination.

After all, I am a guy too- and while I have to live with the fact that my family can not afford the Porsche which would improve my community and social standing to notable heights - I have learned that The Red Mustang is enough of an attention getter to match my ego.

First, we go to the car wash where not only is the car admired but so am I. There are other dogs, barking and prancing around; I lie calmly, awaiting the arrival of my carriage. It took awhile, but the public paid homage to me and when it arrived, I must say, those boys did a very nice job.

Then we drove to a gas station where two men approached the car and talked to The Woman. I know that they were, of course, discussing the elegant Shiba stretched out in the back which only enhances the beauty and value of the car itself, and when we went to a 3rd location, one person even commented on how comfortable I looked.

Yes, I was built for sports cars and a life of luxury. Fortunately, That Guy understands what The Woman does not comprehend. I can only hope that his next car lives up to the standards with which he has raised me.

I Am A Red Shiba. I like Red Sports Cars.


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