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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly on the Plain

But here in Northeast, it snows everywhere!

Over the past two weeks, I have witnessed ice, sleet, snow, rain, cold winds, almost 60 degrees, and sunny weather. School has been delayed three times and closed for one day (which was very nice because The Woman took me to play in the snow and that was fun!) That Guy bought new snow shovels, and constantly steals my car since his car "has issues" when the weather turns bad. I can only assume that his car's "issues" are not the same "issues" that The Woman takes up with her doctor. Life is full of contradictions that way.

Taking my constitutionals on ice is very difficult; lifting one's leg and balancing on slippery sidewalks is not a laughing matter. Next time, I shall merely relieve myself on the living room couch rather than endure the snickers of amusement from my unintentional antics.

The nice thing about snow, however, is that everyone makes all these little pathways with very nice angles and corners that are perfect for decorating. Furthermore, I can see where other dogs have attempted to stake a claim in my territory and can easily rectify the manner accordingly. The bad thing about the snow right now is that it is taller than me, and I can not find a nice spot to . . . to . . . well, to politely put, do my other business. It's extremely frustrating for me because I am not a dog who merely just goes outside and does it. I must walk and look for the perfect spot, and damned if all the perfect spots are not covered right now! So I have left with no other options than the road, and I just feel so . . . exposed out there-- like everyone in the neighborhood is watching me. There is just no dignity during times of necessity.

But I still love chasing snowballs into deep piles of snow. I can play this game for 15 minutes before I want to go back inside, have a cup of chicken broth, and defrost next to the heater.

I Am Shiba. I Am A Northern Breed.


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