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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Potatoes, Potatoes, and More Potatoes

My Dear Gentle Readers.

It has been a busy few weeks for the household, what with the first of several holidays, and a variety of good well cooked meals since, that time just seems to skip on by between breakfast and dinner (and my two walks in between!) I have been blessed with many potatoes in a variety of forms these last few weeks, and even this morning, I helped The Woman by finishing off a few remaining potatoes, leftover from a glorious meal of corned beef.

My winter coat has arrived and I look like the furry beast of which I should. When I visit The People, everyone comments now on the thickness of my fur. This is good. This morning on my constitutional, it was delightful in the below freezing weather to scamper about, checking on my squirrels, and maintaining the borders of my reign. Now I lie next to the heater and feel all the toasty goodness absorbing deep into my underlayers. I am not one who is inconvenienced by the cold.

My squirrel population is doing well, as today we prepare for our first real snowfall of the year. I counted as many squirrels as I have toes, and then some. Also dressed in furry goodness, they are still fun to chase because they are fatter and slower. I just wish that the leash was not so short.

I Am Shiba. More Potatoes Incoming as the Holidays Continue!


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