I Am Shiba.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

And on the 8th Day, God Created the Shiba

And God said, after he realized his creation, that this is Good.

And then He created the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner in order to clean-up after the Shiba.

And this was also Good.

'Tis Christmas morning and here I enjoy my presents. I received a new ball to chase, a new stuffed toy to destroy (when The People are not looking), a new chew toy which is divine!, and my all-time favorite snack, beef jerky. Christmas Dinner was made up of chicken broth, boiled organs, with a dash of potatoes for a nice gravy like mixture to cover my food. Yes, this has been a very good day.

But I work hard for these gifts. This week I found myself at the High School showing impressionable children the essence of what is Shiba. The Woman lectured to the classes about "Pet Rights" and I was the visual aid of what is right about Pets. The boys wanted to talk about Pit Bulls and Michael Vick; the girls wanted to pet me and scratch my belly.

Chicks dig dogs with soft fuzzy fur.

But I also found myself unofficially providing pet therapy (I was not wearing my official jacket) to a number of children who upon seeing me who just had to run their fingers through my nice winter coat.

One child in particular, a child who can not see nor can he speak, sat with me for almost 20 minutes, just feeling my ears, my nose, my coat, my legs, my tail. And while he is mute, his smile expressed the 1000 words that his mind was painting. He experienced the Shiba without light for "
Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content." (Helen Keller)

So while God, on the first day, created division of light and darkness, the Shiba can transcend beyond these physical realms and join the mental and the physical.

And this too, is good.

I Am Shiba. I Was Created in God's Fuzzy Image.


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