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Monday, January 14, 2008

An Announcement

It is with great trepidation that I announce that I will soon be undergoing surgery. While I am nervous about the entire procedure, the medical staff has assured me that the process is safe and I shall suffer no ill will. My comfort shall be entirely attended to, and the recovery process quick. I should be back home resting comfortable on the same day.

I am afraid to admit that I am "blemished." Last summer, The Woman noticed that I had a wart on my left hind leg. She thought nothing of it, and just took care when brushing me as to not disturb it. She never told me that I had this unsightly marking on my well-defined thigh. Well, my winter coat arrived, and as I was grooming myself one day, and I found it. Imagine my shock that something as common as a wart would place itself upon my body.

Well, needless to say, after consulting a few medical books, I decided to remove it myself.

My operating skills have been unsuccessful.

In fact, now I have a circle of missing fur on my left thing with that ugly blemish right in the center.

So on January 21st, I shall venture to the vet's office and undergo plastic surgery to have my leg looking normal once more. I suggested that we do a hair transplant, The Woman has opted to merely have the wart removed and let nature take its course. While this displeases me, I suppose that I can suffer through waiting for my fur to return. I just hope that the paparazzi does not overindulge themselves on pictures of my imperfections, but rather, focus on the fact that I have the will to overcome the obstacles that life places in my way.

I am not Brittany Spears after all.

So I emphasize, there is no reason to panic or send cards. I shall alert the media when I am ready and able to resume more normal life again, and then, once more, all the world will be enlightened once more by that which is Shiba.

I Am Shiba. Shiba = Perfection of the Mind, the Body, and the Soul.


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