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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Do Shibas Shed?

This is a question that is posed to many Shiba owners. A person who is captivated by our intelligent look and magnificent carriage, compliments our perfection and dignity, and when inquiring to the nature of what is Shiba, the inevitable question arises asking "Do they shed?"

There is an easy way to answer this question.

This is after my Sunday morning nail clipping, teeth cleaning, and quick brushing (about five minutes worth of attention and grooming). Hygiene is, of course, very important to a Shiba and thus, with our People's assistance, we can continue our contribution to the gorgeousness of The World. Please note that My People have a carpet the same color as me.

However, here is another Shiba- Tierce- from the website of The Misanthropic Shiba- who decided in the middle of winter to start to "blow" his coat, which means- shed out another Shiba. Shibas are not made by normal methods of breeding but rather, our fur is gathered together and breeders made new Shibas out of the old. It's like single-celled critter division.

And from the Northeast Shiba Rescue Website, I bring you Pogo, with his full black and tan goodness on a white quilt!

So, as our viewers can see, on a daily basis, we shed. Then we have our partial sheddings which involve our People's attention for more than five minutes but less than an hour. And then, finally, we have what is called "the blowing of our coat" which means you better be ready to brush daily as well as follow us with vacuum cleaner because we am gonna let it all fall out!

I Am Shiba. Shedding is Merely My Contribution to Household Decorating.


Blogger RedShasta said...

I have almost gathered enough material to make another Shiba puppy out of Tierce!

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Ultimate Weapon!


4:52 PM  

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