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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Things That They Carry

Note: This was a submission for a Literature class that The Woman is taking online. She was busy this morning so I thought that I would help her out.

The Things That They Carry By Cortez Squirrelsbane Shiba-san

It is 7 AM, and they scurry like rats
Trying to get out the door and across the door mat
I have been fed and watered, and given my walk
But these two people don’t even have time for a talk
Instead, they grab their purses and cases
Tying their shoes with flashy new laces
They fly out of the house with their lunches and keys
Dreading, starting their cars in the deep winter freeze

The Woman spills her purse, the contents fall to the ground
Her wallet and coupons are scattered all around
Pencils and pens for which the children do borrow
Peppermint candies for when breath smells like bone marrow
Her key chain of Amethyst rock, a present from Maman
Skitters out of sight behind the garbage can
She curses because she is late again, the third time this week
Finally she finds the car keys, seeing the can and taking a peek

That Guy sets up his iPod in his Mustang so red
The loud techno music blasting into his head
His Dell Laptop is snug on the back seat
The case is covered with dog fur and dirt from my feet
His company ID is attached to a chain
Since he has lost it more than once, and damaged it in the rain
His wallet and cell phone are in his jacket pocket
It’s all about speed, traveling as fast as a rocket

She checks her school bag while her Aveo drips snow
It’s orange like me, and her jacket zipped up ready to go
The children’s assignments are ready to be returned
Although the children would wish that their grades could be burned
Her books she is reading for class and for fun
Are also packed inside for when to MCC she does run
I have been there; it’s a fun place
Green grass with rabbit smells and open spaces to race

These people I live with, The Woman and That Guy
Have bags and purses and cases no lie
But inside the Aveo, is the most important bag of all
It has inside a blanket, a harness, a long leash and a ball
For this bag is mine, safely packed in the car
Because when we go hiking or to the park or travel afar
I too have my belongings so I am ready to go
For any adventure, either the forest, the beach or in the snow


Anonymous Anonymous said...

in French , we say : vider son sac = to empty her bag
it means : to confess


10:08 AM  

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