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Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Have The Power!

Lately, the weather has been quite beautiful. A tad chilly, but otherwise, sunny. Hence, The Woman has been leaving the front door open so that I can lie in the western sun and view my kingdom from behind the glass door.

I am alerted by the sound of approaching footsteps. My heavenly sunbathing slumber has been disturbed.

I am not amused.

I therefore jump and stand erect, tail straight, fur raised, and sound a full five-alarm howl that there is an intruder alert.

The Woman is sitting on the couch, watching her afternoon television program, folding laundry. She looks over at me as I repeat myself.

She sees a hand slip something into the door handle as I rush at the glass door in full fury of being disturbed from my afternoon nap (not to be confused with my mid-morning nap, my noon nap, my early afternoon nap, or my late afternoon nap).

I hear the footsteps move off into the distance.

I run over to The Woman to inform her that there is CHANGE on our front yard, that the door is different, and needs her immediate attention as I am the Watchdog and I Watched something CHANGE on the door.

The Woman gets up, and makes a mental note to make sure that the door has survived the winter windstorms and is secure for my summertime observations. She opens the door and removes the CHANGE that was left behind by the footsteps. I stand on my hind legs, smelling it, because it could be dangerous.

Or something good to eat.

The Woman then sits me down and shows me a magazine that was called "Awake" (which is exactly what happened to me!) and stated that I just scared off some Jehovah's Witnesses.

Me. I put fear into the hearts of individuals empowered by Jehovah to bring enlightenment to all people. Me. All by myself. I stopped them from delivering their message.

I Am Shiba. I Have The Power to Stop God's Mission.


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