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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Ying and Yang

How can two Shibas be the same, and yet so different? How can such a breed have such fundamental differences and yet strong similarities?

I am Shiba. I exemplify what all Shibas should be. But allow me to point out some things.

I eat my food delicately, eating one kibble at a time. I wait patiently for my food to be served, preferably with nice additions to make it a pleasant dining experience.
Belle-chan inhales her food so fast that I don't think she tastes it or notices if a pill was added. She cares not what is in her bowl; she just eats.

I sit quietly and wait for the food to be served.
She is so excited at feeding time that she can hardly contain herself and sit for more than 10 seconds. Belle-chan can't stop bouncing, acting like this is the first time she has been fed in 48 hours.

When The Woman is cooking, I lie in the hallway, watching her and wait for my offering. When The People have dinner, I lie quietly in the corner, waiting for them to finish that last glass of wine.
Belle-chan can not keep away from The People when they are around food. Staying away from the table while The People eat is impossible.

I don't wag my tail. Display of emotion is an attempt to please people.
Belle-chan never stops wagging her tail. Everything to her is a happy, positive experience. She is the Valley Girl of Shibas.

Add to this, when The Woman and That Guy return home, I would approach, politely greet, and resume my duties.
Belle-chan jumps around, licks, wags her tail, and actually seems happy to see them, even when their arrival is not related to our feeding time.

Her enthusiasm is most distressing because now I have to pretend to be happy to see The People or miss out on a petting experience. Sadly, the people seem to enjoy her enthusiasm and encourage it!

I sleep in my crate. I sleep in spots where I guard The Woman. I sleep in the sun by the screened front door.
Belle-chan sleeps wherever she feels like. This morning, That Guy found her asleep on the bed after breakfast. She sleeps on the couch. She sleeps on her blanket. She sleeps in crate. She sleeps under That Guy's desk. She sleeps on the bathroom bathmat!! She has no shame on where she sleeps.

When we walk, Belle-chan keeps her nose to the ground to smell for squirrels.
I keep my head held high on walks, using sight to find my quarry.

However, we do share some similarilites.

#1 We both lift our legs to pee.
#2 We both will mark the backyard but we will not eliminate unless we are on a walk.
#3 We both announce visitors or necessary neighborhood issues of note.
#4 We both don't like small, barking dogs.
#5 We both feel the need to protect our people, although I am a watcher and she is the barker.
#6 We both think that all squirrels should be exterminated.
#7 We both like cheese, hot dogs, and potatoes.

So, while we are both Shibas, she is so 90210 despite her championship Agility titles (she probably flirted with the judges!) and I remain the dignified canine who expects worship over affection. Belle-chan banks on her cute looks to maintain her position in society; my Shibaness is what will always keep the kibble in my bowl.

I Am Shiba.
Fortunately, opposites attract, even with Shibas.


Anonymous JS said...

Senor Cortez, it has been said that you should always leave them wanting more. Your calm and stately attitude is an example to your more exuberant brethren.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - this is shockingly similar to the situation with our second shiba, Akira (female 4.5 MO) who joined us about 4 weeks ago. I see our young male (Ichiro 2 YO) trying to emulate the 'excitement' when we come home, simply for the attention/petting! He still looks awkward with the whole thing, while she enjoys every moment! They also share the same issues you've noted with the food and walking.

But ultimatly, they also get along crazy well so I'm a happy shiba mom. :)

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Janice said...

Belle-chan sounds very much like our Kimiko, the younger of our two shibas. She also wags her tail, inhales her food, shows far more enthusiasm for life, pack-mates and visitors than Eric (our other shiba) feels is warranted! we have the same situation with not soiling the back yard!

5:12 PM  
Blogger Vi said...

Wow... what a great post! There are lots of similarities with Loki & Jujube. Loki being more like Cortez and Jujube being more like Bella-chan, as you describe them. Thanks for sharing... I didn't know our experiences were so similar!

6:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well...no two dogs are exactly the same just as no two humans are the same, although you'd think two pure bred shibas bred to the same standard would be very similar.

I'd say genes and their individual experiences make the diffrence. This reminds me a funny story.

I used to go to Japan for business trips with my corporate bosses and they noted that women over there are nothing like me! Excuse me? I told them I'm an American and those women there are Japanse, and that may be why I don't serve coffee to my bosses. It is not in my job description as an engineer to serve coffee.

Similarily my little cousin there once gotten into a trouble by saying he though all American women are alike...well, No...I told him...not all American women look like or act like in the Bay Watch.
- California babe shiba's mom

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, my "corporate bosses" and my colleagues were all Americans in an all-American company (so that there was no misunderstanding). Isn't it funny?
- California babe shiba

9:24 PM  

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