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Saturday, April 10, 2010

People Do Stupid Things Sometimes

I am a Shiba of routine.

I expect my breakfast between 6-7 am.
I expect my dinner between 6-7 pm.
There will be two to three outgoings per day allowing me to express myself around the 'hood.
I expect my morning belly rub.
I expect to be treated with respect when I walk into a room.

What I don't expect is a whole bunch of plants moved into the living room because a cold freeze is called in.

Last night, I decided to do a Shiba 500. Even Belle-chan was feeling playful, biting my ears, taunting me like she does so I take off to run through the house but omg . . .

next to the windows
behind the chairs
there are these plants in containers
and when I run to do my routine, and I expressly say, this is my routine run,
there are these barriers of foliage
and I run right into them

The sound is unique enough to where That Guy turns to The Woman and says, what was that? And she actually responded, I think that was Cortez running into a potted plant.

Running into a potted plant? You placed it right in my path!! I had no idea it was there until I turned the corner at 150 mph to express what a great dinner you gave me and collided with some kind of foreign palm tree that I know was not there yesterday.

Oh, I am sorry. Did you say that it was cold tonight and tomorrow night so you brought all the plants in? I missed that memo! Next time, post it above my food bowl and I might notice it!

I Am Shiba. Don't Mess With the Shiba 500.


Blogger Judy Whitton said...

I hear you Cortez! The Shiba 500 is crazy enough without the potted plants in the way. Maybe if you dig around in the pots, she won't bring them inside. *wink*

5:38 AM  
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