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Saturday, January 21, 2012


We all went to the vet yesterday for our yearly check-up.

The Vet said I looked great (and I do, of course).

The Vet said Belle-chan looked chubby (and the scale proved that she was).

However, sadly, it was also determined that Belle might have an ear infection so the Vet sticks one of those q-tip things into her ear.

Let me back up for one moment. This is a very small office with many dogs visiting and two residential cats. There is non-stop barking as we are interacting with the Vet.

That is until the Vet put the q-tip in Belle's ear to get a sample to examine.

The scream was a classic; one that every Shiba owner knows and loves so much. That scream of dissatisfaction, that scream of personal space invasion; that scream of the indignity of it all. It was not a yelp of pain; it was that sound that comes from a Shiba's heart.

It was a moment of Shiba perfection.

And there was dead silence in the Vet's office for about thirty seconds.

The Woman looked at the Vet Tech, who had a horrified expression on her face, and said, "You have now experienced The Shiba Scream. Consider yourself blessed." The Vet looked at Belle-chan with that look of "Now, that wasn't that bad now, was it?" as Belle-chan wagged her tail and appeared quite pleased with herself.

I Am Shiba. Our Screams Can Stop Time Itself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Belle-chan - oh, the indignity of it all. You showed them!

3:07 PM  
Anonymous nobuko said...

This reminded me of the time my Shiba screamed bloody murder at the vet when they tried to cut his nails. Then came the time for microchip injection. He sat there quietly and didn't even flinch. This cracked up the vet and the vet techs. I felt somehow proud. I have a feeling that The Woman felt something similar, too.

2:35 PM  

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