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Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July, Everyone

And, of course, it is raining.

So the barbecue shall be moved indoors. Vidalia Onions, Corn on the Cob, and Buffalo Steaks. It does not get any more American than that.

Well, I would like some Potato Salad but The Woman keeps telling us that the Potatoes are Out of Season and not good.

But there should be leftovers. This is most pleasing.

Yesterday, The Woman brought home Fireworks. I am not impressed with Fireworks. When I first moved into The House, The People took me to a Fireworks display which was loud and disturbing. Not only did the Bagpipes from the marching Scottish Band scare me out but the loud noises and whistles with the bright colors and smells were a little much. However, The People were naive back then. Now They know that Shibas are not of Chinese descent, and hence, are not interested in Fireworks. So, for their show tonight, I shall remain indoors, and try to figure out how to open the refrigerator so I can consume any leftovers.

Lately, That Guy has had the duty of walking me. His skills are improving! The Woman has been busy three nights a week with class, and she has been working hard at her summer job (although I have had the pleasure of her company most of this week, which has been nice but it has been too hot to go riding in the car! Bah!) so That Guy and I have been sharing many a night lately. Yesterday's walk, we saw many neighbors and while everyone greeted and worshiped The Shiba, That Guy explained to them that a). he was the Husband of The Woman and b). I was permitting him to take me on my evening rounds. The neighbors are most friendly. I guess after walking the same path for 4 years, the world sets its clock to the schedule of The Shiba rather than vice versa.

On a side note of the Summer Heat, I have been able to sleep outside my crate most every night. This has been nice as I have access to water and the fans. I still guard and alert The People to any noises that are outside (especially those strange 3 AM noises which I feel are Most Important for their Attention and Awareness) but I maintain my Number One Responsibility of Guarding The Woman and ensuring her safety. I know that she feels better with me being nearby in the dark. If she happens to wake up, she can just call, and I will come and comfort her.

I Am Shiba. From The Dark, I Keep the Monsters Away.


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you're welcome, Shiba.

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