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Monday, March 30, 2009

How I Am Mistreated

So it is looking more official that "Belle" will be moving into our household around April 20th. All persons involved have been corresponding back and forth, discussing everything from what thickness of blanket she requires to her ability to perform a constitutional on demand (she is *such* a show off!)

Just look at this excerpt from one of the letters:

"Belle does great on just about any food. Just make sure she doesn't get
too much as she will put on weight very quickly. She is very polite
about bones (if you take one away from her she just watches you
quizzically (waiting for you to hand it back to her)). She does not
"guard" anything (food, toys, attention) from people HOWEVER she will
zealously guard just about ANYTHING from other animals. If she had a
bone and Cortez or one of your cats tried to take it from her, she'd
probably attack and show no mercy. I would recommend feeding the dogs
separately (Belle is used to eating in her crate), and allowing them to
have treats only when one of you is there to supervise (ie, don't leave
the dogs together unattended if they have pig ears or greenies, etc).
She regularly eats chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, tripe, fish (salmon,
mackerel, and tuna), eggs, duck, rabbit, yogurt and all sorts of veggies
with no issues. The only product I avoid with her is "Performance Dog
Blend" (made by Oma's Pride) - it's a high calorie, very high protein
beef/tripe/trachea mix with added vitamins specifically designed to
boost a dog's energy level and it seems to give Belle the shakes and
jitters (like someone who's had too much caffeine). I also don't ever
feed corn to any of my dogs because so many Shibas have allergies to
it. Until a couple years ago, my dogs (Belle included) regularly ate
Innova EVO (made by the same company as Cal Nat) whenever we traveled,
and as a young dog (for the first couple years of her life) Belle ate
California Natural, so I'm sure she'd do fine on it. "

I am 8 years old and still eating California Natural! Obviously, I should have been moved up to higher quality stuff ages ago but These People I live with obviously never got That Memo.

I Am Shiba. Things are Going to Start Changing Around Here *Before* Belle Arrives.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sir Cortez,

So nice to hear you after long absence. Congratulations on acquiring a little sister Bella. I'm sure you'll remain #1 in your mom (The Woman)'s book.

- from the Admirer in California

6:11 PM  

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