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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dear Philadelphia Eagles:

FAQ catagory: Why did you sign on Michael Vicks?

It's a question that myself and many other dog owners, rescuers, bloggers, caregivers, etc. are all asking. The excuse that he served his time hasn't stopped us from setting up websites for pedophiles nor has it given others who commit crimes the opportunity to return to their previous line of work. Individuals who commit fraud don't go back to working in financial management. Michael Vicks was given the opportunity to earn millions playing football. He chose to invest part of his millions into a dogfighting kennel that engaged in the practice of abusing the very investment he was funding. The Eagles need to reconsider their decision. If the only thing that Michael Vicks can do is fight dogs and play football, then maybe he needs to go back to school and learn a new skill but allowing him to enjoy his high salary high profile life once more is tantamount to saying Dogfighting Is Okay.

I Am Shiba, and I Approve This Message.

Contact: Philadelphia Eagles


Blogger Jen said...


I wonder if Coach Reid, or any other big wig for the Eagle's have read the facts?

6:08 AM  

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